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The Inevitable 23 Essay

  • Submitted by: naren
  • on December 7, 2008
  • Category: English
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The Inevitable 23
Do you want to see an entertaining thriller that will keep you on your toes and guessing all the way? The Number 23 is an incredible film that constantly evolves in a way that will confuse viewers and distort the truth, but at the same time will overwhelm their thoughts in an entertaining fashion. This film has a very clever and well organized plot that will thrill the viewer all the way to the last minute where everything they thought was true becomes lies and the valid truth reveals itself in a surprising and unexpected way. The characters in the movie are also the reason it is such a big hit as a Suspense/Thriller.
Character Behavior in this film was critical for its success. The character Walter Sparrow played by Jim Carrey was very successful in keeping the audience in suspense throughout the entire movie. In the beginning, Walter seemed bored and an ordinary dog catcher who was proud of his job but inside he felt like he was born to do more important work. When he was bit by a dog on the job, his character changed because he started to act more like a detective than a dog catcher, and due to the event that followed he lost his true identity and became someone else. The book 23 boosted this transformation greatly. As he was reading the book he speculated more and more about who it was based on. His lost dreams of becoming a detective came alive because of this book; he started to visualize himself as the main character Fingerling. As Walter’s obsession with the number 23 grew he became more and more important to the movie because all of the attention was switched to Walter as if the book was actually written about him. Walter’s wife on the other hand played an important role for the movie. She kept the film in balance, always reassuring Walter that surely the book was not written about him and that 23 was just a number that had significance in history as a common number for many things. Walter’s wife actually helped distort the truth in...

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