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Influence Essay

  • Submitted by: wepfrun116
  • on December 11, 2008
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Influence-*to have an effect on the condition or development of; MODIFY.

Hot summer days were the most exciting days for me when I was a child.   My brother would drag me out to the beach, but I felt like today wasn’t going to be an average beach trip.   There was almost this sense of accomplishment in the air.   I knew that today was the day I was going to learn how to serf.   We got up early in the morning and my brother borrowed my dad’s car.   This meant that we were going far.   I was so excited because I knew that I wouldn’t forget today.
Two hours of bad Euro Pop later, I start seeing coast line of the Jersey Shore.   The full moon of the previous night left a high tide for early morning, and to be honest I was scared of going out, it was only my first time.   My brother had a thrilled look on his face, he was twenty-three at the time, and the beach was covered in string bikinis.   That wasn’t in my interest so much yet being that I was only ten ( I was still interested though).
We get to the surf shop to rent equipment and wet suits.   The store was packed with so many people; we stood in line for a good forty-five minutes.   I was astonished at what kind of people were trying to serf on a day with such high swells.   To my surprise there were more “blue-collar Joe’s” than “Beach Bums”
After we rented the gear we went to go find a good location.   My brother believed, NO, he knew, the best spot to post up on was between the volley ball nets and the hotdog guy (hotdogs are for victory, DO NOT eat hotdogs before surfing).   The view was beautiful.   Every time a wave crashed you would see a rainbow in a riptide.   My brother on the other had had other targets in view.   He did three big swells all to impress two girls; meanwhile I haven’t gotten my feet wet.   But my brother, unaware that his constant forgetfulness of my where-abouts would come back to bite him in the butt, stopped looking after me.
I meet this small kid around my height named Steve.   He wasn’t...

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