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influencel person in psychology Essay

  • Submitted by: k-yukikoe
  • on December 12, 2008
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I believe that Sigmund Freud was the most influential person in psychology because Freud developed the first basic ideas on which all psychodynamic theories were based on, using his idea of the for The Psychodynamic Approach (King, 2008) (web 2).
Sigmund Freud was born in Freiberg, in Moravia, on May 6th 1856.
His father’s name was Jacob Freud for a living he sold textiles. His first marriage was to the mother of Freud's two older step brothers Emmanuel and Philipp. After their mother passed he remarried, to a women who mysteriously passed early, after A Marriage of less than one year. Soon after he remarried and his third wife a young woman of twenty, Amalia Nathansohn. Their first child together would be Sigmund. Their next child died at eighteen months, from unknown causes. They named him Julius. They will go on to have 6 more children, Anna, Rosa, Mitzi, Dolfi, Paula and Alexander (web 1).
Later on in his life Freud was a cocaine addict, but at the time cocaine was not prohibited. During his time, it was used as a euphoric, better known as an anti depressant. It was not yet known that this drug could be harmful, but non-the-less Cocaine did have medical advantages for Freud. It helped him manage his depression, achieve a state of well being, and relax under tense circumstances (web 1).
I believe that Freud's work can be divided in four major periods, his exploration of neurosis, his own Self-analysis, his work on Identification psychology. And his work in Ego psychology, with this he built on his earlier ideas. I also believe the most important period of the Freud's life was his self-analysis. His discoveries during this period influenced his entire psychoanalytic work. He recorded these thought in two main books "The Interpretation of Dreams" and "The Psychopathology of Everyday Life". In the book "The Interpretation of Dreams" Freud gives his own detailed dream interpretations. In "The Psychopathology of Everyday Life" he provides an analysis of...

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