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Influencing Democracy Between 1820 1840 Essay

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Influencing Democracy Between 1820 and 1840
The United States of America has repeatedly undergone various series in development of democracy. This can be inferred as the central political basis on which the country was founded. Throughout history, events may or may not effectively demonstrate American democracy in its most successful form. Despite the mistakes and successes of the past, however, the United States as a democratic society has benefited from lessons learned on the art of creating "a more perfect Union."
Both Jacksonian economic policy and westward movement in America were indicative of the development of democracy between 1820 and 1840. It was in this era that the United States, with economic and sectional changes, made efforts to employ democratic politics and make changes should the country's founding philosophy be led astray. Nowhere was the democratic ideal depicted in the body of a man more than in President Andrew Jackson. Elected as one of the more popular presidents of the early nineteen century, the people's choice of Jackson as a man who appealed to the interests and experiences of a vast majority reflected the democratic process on an honest scale. While its beauty and pure form remained generally housed in elections of the time, the democracy employed by Jackson, particularly in his economic policies, should also be viewed as a contribution to its early development in America. The pinnacle of Jackson's economic dilemma found spiteful ground on the question of what to do about the Bank of the United States, which had been established by somewhat democratic means, even through the battle between the Hamiltonians and Jeffersonians.
Jacksonianism, which could be best characterized as Jefferson's republicanism thirty years later, also sought to limit the power of the federal government in hopes to secure more involvement of the states, and thus the people, in the political process. Jackson held that the bank was not necessary and that it...

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