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the innocence Essay

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  • on December 5, 2008
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The Innocents (The turn of the Screw)
Miss Giddens was hired to take care of Flora and Miles. She had total independence and supreme authority over Flora and Miles, notwithstanding the fact that she was not able to trouble or write to their uncle. Miss Giddens felt a complete comfort because of Flora’s angelic nature, but unfortunately things turned around, when receiving a letter from Miles school. The letter indicated that Miles was expelled from school because he was not behaving properly; he was corrupting and injuring other boys.   This aroused Miss Giddens thoughts about the children and starting from here she began to question herself, what is it that making the children act in this manner.   Nightmares, signals, and the behavior of the children increased her thoughts that the children are being possessed.
When cutting flowers in the garden Miss Giddens was distracted by sunlight and looked up to the tower, she noticed a men figure staring at her. She immediately wandered her way up to the tower and there she found Miles. When she questioned him if he has seen the person he replies that there was no one there, maybe it was he, who she saw. This completely throws her off because she was very positive that there was someone there.
Little by little the signals created this fear and Miss Giddens decided to discuss the disturbances with Mrs. Grose, maid of the mansion. Miss Grose knows a lot but would neglect the fact that something is wrong with the children. When playing a hide and seek game with the children, Miss Giddens finds a locket with a picture of a men. The picture pulled her complete attention because of the mysterious look that he had. She sees the ghost (Peter Quint) for the first time up close in the dark window of the living room. Here is where she tries to over convince Mrs. Grose that she is not inventing things.
After a lot of deliberation Mrs. Grose reveals the truth to Miss Giddens.   Here is where she gets a clear understanding what is...

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