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Insignificant Gestures Essay

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  • on March 1, 2011
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Essay, Insignificant Gestures:
The short story "insignificant Gestures" is written in 2007 by Jo Cannon.
The narrator and the protagonist is the same person and he is looking back in time, from when he was in Africa working as a Health Officer or a doctor alike job. He tells us about his work and his daily routines at work which is nothing like in our country. He was working pretty much like a normal doctor, but under bad circumstances. Throughout the doctors merciless everyday life, he meets Celia Dimba, his housekeeper. Celia is working for him to support her whole family, and he understand that they all depend on her, which impresses him. Soon he finds out that she is paying awfully good attention to the protagonist when he is drawing. He starts to give her materials so that she is able to draw too, and she draws well.
Celia starts to light up his everyday live, as she starts to sit next to him every evening drawing with him. Suddenly, One day Celia is the doctors new patient, she has bruises everywhere and she in unconscious. A woman in the village claims that she has been beaten by her boyfriend. She was too beat up for the local hospital to do anything about it, they had send her to the bigger hospital which was an hour and a half away. The protagonist had to give a medical statement to the police station after the transfer, which made Celia's boyfriend spend some time behind bars. Just about 6 weeks after giving his medical statement he found out that the fluid he took from Celia's Spine, was growing meningococcus. This made him remember that Celia's went home earlier the last day, because she was not feeling well. The fact that he could have saved her with a single shot of penicillin made him try to take back his medical statement that judged the young innocent boyfriend, but unsuccessfully he was not able to.
When the protagonist got home from Africa, he started to retrain as a psychiatrist. He had insured himself that he would never going to witness...

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