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Inspiration Essay

  • Submitted by: cptizufiz
  • on September 28, 2009
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Gun Control
Over the years, it seems like more and more restrictions keep popping up on weapons. The first gun I ever got was a single shot .410 when I was 4 years old. I loved it. Now I own two twelve gauges, an SKS, a 30 06, and a .357 magnum. Today, it is hard to get ammo for some firearms because half of the ammo is on recall since the war on terror has been going on. So for most of the people who have been wanting to outlaw the owning of firearms have been winning because it is hard to find the ammunition for most of the semi-auto firearms. But most of the gun control issues have been brought up because of all the criminals and gang members who have bought weapons and have used them illegally. Yet it is easy for a felon to obtain a semi-automatic weapon, or possibly a fully automatic, because they can just go to a Gun and Knife show, pick out what they want, pay for it, and take it home since background checks aren’t ran. So until the ban of gun shows, multiple people with felony backgrounds are going to be able to get whatever they want. But even if gun shows are banned, there is always the black market and buddies with few too many firearms.
When I had went and purchased my second 12 gauge just after Obama was inaugurated, I was talking to the man at the firearms counter in Academy. We got on the topic about how Obama could go through with his plan on gun control. The guy at the counter was saying that he couldn’t keep people from buying weapons or their ability to keep them, but he could pass a law that could make it very hard to buy or have ammunition. All Obama had to do was get a law passed that restricted people from buying and storing ammunition unless they had an explosives license, or something to that standard. To buy it, you had to show the license, and then you would have to have a special storage area just for the ammo. Kind of to the liking of an underground bunker built to certain standards. That was very true. That would certainly put a...

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