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Intelligent Design and Religion Essay

  • Submitted by: nJamennkofve
  • on November 13, 2009
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Presently, many court case rulings have opposed to this so-called “religion” as being constitutional, while many have agreed the movement is unconstitutional to teach these theories.# The approach of the intelligent design movement continues, to spark discussion about the origins and development of life and the intelligent design movement forces evolutionists to admit their case based only on provable and observable facts.   Today, our popular media often portrays the creation vs. evolution debate as science vs. religion, with creation being religious and evolution being a science.   Some schools, public and private, are teaching this particular religious belief in some classrooms and this is believed to violate the Constitution.#  
Does Intelligent Design (I.D) fit any accepted definition of “science,” and should it be included as a subject of discussion in public school science classrooms?  
The term "scientific creationism" (and its new incarnation as "intelligent design theory") is a fairly recent label for an old ideology. Almost as soon as Darwin's Origin of Species was published, it became the focus of attack by religious fundamentalists who asserted that the Bible was the literal, revealed word of God, and was true and correct in all its proclamations. The Biblical story of Genesis, according to the fundamentalists' literal interpretation, states that the universe was created by God less than 10,000 years ago, in six 24-hour days, and that all life was created, in its present form, during a two-day period of time. Further, at some point in the recent past there occurred a world-wide flood, which killed all life on earth except for those organisms that were saved on Noah's Ark. All living organisms, the creationists assert, are direct descendants of the organisms which Noah had with him on the ark, and all human beings are direct descendants of Noah and the seven relatives he had with him on the ark. In its original form, creationism was an openly...

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