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InterClean Memo Essay

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To: All Employees
From: Jody Scott
Date: 11/5/2009
Re: Importance of Managerial Behaviors
The purpose of this memo is to acknowledge the merger with EnviornTech.   I would like to take the opportunity to embrace these changes and to discuss a few things with you.   In this memo I will discuss how a manager’s behavior can affect the productivity of his or her workers.   I will describe the types of management action that align with employment laws and those that do not.   Lastly, I will describe best practices for working within a diverse work environment.  
As everyone knows, InterClean is currently acquiring EnviornTech. As employees,   his or her behavior can impact the productivity of his or her workers due the close interactions with the workers.   Let’s first explain how a manager’s behavior can affect the productivity of his or her workers.   Culture is the conventional behavior of a society that encompasses beliefs, customs, knowledge, and practices. It influences human behavior, even though it seldom enters into their conscious thought. People depend on culture as it gives them stability, security, understanding, and the ability to respond to a given situation. This is why people fear change.   You may fear the organization will become unstable, or that your security will be lost, you will not understand the new process, and you will not know how to respond to the new situations.   But, I know that we can do it.   Organization Development is the systematic application of behavioral science knowledge at various levels, such as group, inter-group, organization, etc., to bring about planned change (Cunningham, J. B. & Eberle, T. (1990). Its objectives are a higher quality of work-life, productivity, adaptability, and effectiveness.   It accomplishes this by changing attitudes, behaviors, values, strategies, procedures, and structures so that the organization can adapt to competitive actions, technological advances, and the fast...

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