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Interest Group Essay

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11, How neurons communicate with other cells
1 to attract other electrical charges
2 leakage channels, voltage gated channel, ligand gated channel
3 only works for the ions LiceIC+
4 action potential, graded potential
5 it will stop exchanging
6 it will decrease
7 they are sustained
8 cell membrane
9 voltages

12. All or none principle
An action potential takes place in 2 phases:
Depolarization: inside the membrane becomes +
Repolarization : inside becomes more –

Na+ and k+ are ions that move through the membrane via ion channels and change the electrical charge of the neuron

    - when NA+ channels open, NA+ moves inside= depolarization
    - When K+ channels open, K+ moves out + repolarization
    - When depolarization reaches theresheeled (-55mv), it produces an action potential that is always the same size= all or none

Depolarization phase
NA+ moves in- inside the membrane goes from -55mv to 30 mv
Repolarization phase
IC+ moves out- inside the membrane goes from 30mV to -70 mV
Can have an after hyperlarization phase= inside becomes more negative than -70mV, but it regulates back to -70mV

Refactory period
Absolute refractory: second action potential can not be initiated
Relative Refractory: second action potential can be initiated, but only by a lager than normal stimulus

13 all or none action potential questions
1 GP creates electrical and signal rarely in size
2 when depolarization reaches
3 NA+ + IC+
4 AP will not regenerated
5 period of time after ab begins, during which an exestable cell can not generate
during absolute , second AP cannot be initiated and during relative, second AP can be initiated but only

6 large diameter axons

14 Impulse conduction synapse and repair
1 because it opens to deplolarization and an excitatory postsynaptic potential
2 slow down; in involves simultaneous release
3 because of neurotransmitter from several presynaptic axon terminals
4 by occurring...

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