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interest groups Essay

  • Submitted by: weishic
  • on December 3, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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We all know interest groups, whether through their lobbying or direct participation of legislative agenda setting, can greatly shape the outcome of public policies. But is that the extent of their effort to governmental or bureaucratic interactions? I would have to say no. When laws are passed and implemented, interest groups still have powers to influence how the process of implementation goes. For one, a close relationship between the interest groups and the agency will result in substantial impact. For example, shipping companies exacts great influence over the Federal Maritime Commission, as they have vested interests in adopting and establishing a collaborative process of how things should be run. The same can be said of the commercial timber companies to the Forest Service. Not only does the government agency’s relationship with interest groups affect how the policy is implemented, they must also reckon with a group that is in position to do damage to the economy. Such is the case of the maritime union, who has the ability to shut down ports throughout the country. If that happens, oceanic commerce will come to a halt, and incomes and livelihood of a great number of people will be at stake. This sort of action is rather seldom, yet the serious nature of it can’t be ignored. More often than not, however, if the interest groups believe an agency is implementing policies such that it does not adhere to the intent of the original passage of legislation, they have the power to complain and notify Congress, and that could very well result in changes of the policy implementation process. This is a procedure known as judicial or legislative challenge.
Because the implementation of laws can be difficult, sometimes agencies in charge seek outside help. This is another form of how interest groups can exact influence over policy implementation. They directly participate. Case in point is the state occupational licensing boards, where they require all their members to...

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