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internships Essay

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It has been said that internships are a very important part of the college experience. There are thousands of internship opportunities throughout the world for every career field. It is important that students know what career they want to pursue before taking up an internship. There are many steps that students should take to attain an internship. The first option should be looking into your university career services office. Their job is to help place you in an internship or job. They can only suggest the opportunity to you, it is up to you to make an impression on the employer and attain the internship.
Before you explore your internship options, they should know what they want to do. Gaining experience in a number of career fields is a good idea if they have no idea what career they are interested in pursuing after college. It is always best to play around with a career first before they permanently place themselves in one field. Anyone who wants to explore banking should work in a bank first to get the real hands-on experience. The same can be said for anyone who wants to work as a teacher. They should take time to intern at a school as a student teacher. The real life experience of an internship should be taken seriously because it would be horrible for anyone to be trapped in a career that they dislike.
After choosing a career field to explore, you should network with various people. Alumni, family members, professors, and business leaders should be atop the list for networking. Networking provides students with valuable information on career options as they pursue internships. Alumni from their universities are often the best sources because they hold pride in the university and want to see their follow alumni succeed in the workforce. Professors and faculty members are also good networks because they have extensive experience in their respected field. They also hold a responsibility to help you find internships. Career fairs are very important also in...

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