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Introduction To Internatintrodional Business Law Essay

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  International Law can be seen as the body of rules that nations recognize as binding upon one another in their mutual relations. Sources of international law include treaties, customs, general principles of law, resolutions and declarations of international organizations, equity, and writings of judges and legal scholars.


  International business law regulates various affairs of international business transaction and international commercial organizations.

  International business law includes usually: contract law, sales law, company law, negotiable instrument law, marine law, insurance law, ect.


  Business law is born and develops with the development of commodity economy.

  Historically, business law came into being during the Roman period(B.C. 700) as early as 2600 years ago, but at that time business law was only a part of private law. Modern international law refers chiefly to European business law which originated from " Law merchant" of Middle-Ages. Law Merchant:1) international; 2) explained not by court but by commercial organization by merchants, which         is similar to what is called today international arbitration or mediation; 3) disputes are settled on base of fair and resonable principles.

  History points
o 1 The Amici del Mondo
o 2 Nationalisation
o 3 The Vajont disaster
o 4 Widespread use of electricity
o 5 Oil crisis
o 6 The antinuclear decision
o 7 “De-nationalisation”
o 8 Monopoly and free competition
o 9 Devolution of energy and renewable sources

The Amici del Mondo

In 1960 an important conference on nationalisation of the electricity industry was organised by the Amici del Mondo (English: Friends of the World, a think tank group that had broken away from the Liberal Party) backed by the Radical Party. The introductory report was given by Eugenio Scalfari who stressed the probable beneficial effects on the...

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