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Introduction To Marketing Essay

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Unit 3: Introduction to Marketing
Name: Kevin Snaterse
Assessors: L.Szanati and A.J Diependaal
Class: 1IBS1


Task 1

1.1 Describe the concept and principles of marketing.

a) Provide two definitions of marketing.

1: The management process responsible for   identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.

2: Marketing is the social process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others.

b) Identify the broad aims of organisations of the private, public and voluntary sectors.

The broad aim of the private organisation is to earn money. Albert Heijn is a private organisation that wants to earn money. The Albert Heijn is using marketing to get a lot customers. The Albert Heijn promote a lot on the television and on the internet.  

The broad aim of the public organisation is to service society. Like the Isala klinieken. People that work in a hospital must help sick people or operate people. To make money isn’t the aim of a hospital.   But a hospital need money to help people. The hospitals earn funds from the government.

The broad aim of the voluntary organisation is a bite like the public organisation. A voluntary sector like the Unicef wants to helps   poor children in the world. There are a lot of children that works but there under 18. And there are a lot of children poor. The Unicef is trying to help the problems. Unicef get funds from citizens. With the money the Unicef is helping the poor children. So this organisation aren’t to get profit.  

c) Describe how marketing supports these aims.

Marketing support these aims with the 4 P’s.

Product: Product means the combination of goods and services that are offered to the target consumer....

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