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Investments Essay

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Below is an essay on "Investments" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Table of Contents
The Portfolio Management Process 2
Setting Portfolio Objectives 2
Formulating Investment Strategy 2
Executing Investment Strategy 3
Portfolio Revision 3
Evaluate Portfolio Performance 3
Measuring the rate of return 3
Protecting the portfolio 4
Efficient Capital Markets 4
Forms of Market Efficiency 5
Weak Form of Efficiency 5
Semi-Strong Form of Efficiency 5
Strong Form of Efficiency 6
Empirical Research in Market Efficiency 6
Behavioral Finance 8
Psychology and Sociology 9
Finance 10
Measures of Risk 10
Standard Deviation 10
Variance 10
Characterization of Distribution 11
Problems with Standard Deviation and Variance 11
Downside risk metrics 12
Secondary financial market 12
References 13

I went through the content page   and o found these topics particularly interesting.
  1) The portfolio Management Process
  2) Efficient Capital markets
  3) Behavioral Finance
  4) Risk Measures
  5) Secondary Financial Markets

The Portfolio Management Process
Portfolio management deals with the construction and maintenance of a collection of investments. The portfolio management process involves five steps
  1) Set portfolio objectives
  2) Formulate and Executing investment strategy
  3) Have a game plan for portfolio revision
  4) Evaluate performance
  5) Protect the portfolio when appropriate
Setting Portfolio Objectives
The first step in the portfolio management process is policy statement. Policy statement is considered as a road map, all investment decisions are based on the policy statement to ensure they are appropriate for the investor. In general it outlines
  * The return requirements the investor.
  * The risk level that the investor is willing to take.
  * The boundaries under which the portfolio must operate.
Formulating Investment Strategy
The second step is to develop an investment strategy based on current financial and economics conditions and forecast...

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