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Irish history Essay

  • Submitted by: laurenmcgovern
  • on December 15, 2008
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History Coursework
Lauren Mcgovern

Question 1

There are few main differences between the two Main Irish communities Nationalists/Republicans and Unionists/Loyalists.
The Nationalists/Republicans are generally catholic’s, they believed that Ireland should become an independent state were as opposed to   the Unionists/Loyalists, who were mainly protestant   who wanted Northern Ireland to remain a part of the United Kingdom, loyal to the queen. The Protestants wanted this as they were afraid of being the minority within the United Ireland and so possibly suffer the same way the Catholics did when they were the minority in Northern Ireland.
Within the catholic community there were two main groups, known as Nationalists and Republicans. Both with different views on how to achieve the main idea of a united Ireland. There were the nationalists who were moderates who felt that their goal could be achieved by democratic and political means, and the republicans who felt that this was not sufficient and that an armed struggle would also help their cause. At different times in Northern Ireland many moderate nationalists had preferred to remain a part of the United Kingdom while they persuade their goals by democratic process these were mainly supporters of the SDLP political party. The main nationalist’s parties were SDLP (social and democratic labour party) and Sinn Fein (the political wing of the IRA). The SDLP is totally committed to democratic peaceful methods, which means they did not believe that violence was a solution to any problem where as a Sinn Fein, although a political party agreed with the IRA, which believed they were at war with the forces of the crown and their rival loyalist paramilitary groups their solution to a problem was   they has substantial backing from the republicans both in Ireland and the Irish community abroad. This “war“although it seems now to have achieved some of its aims did cause a lot of problems within Ireland killing innocent...

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