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Is Beauty Only Skin Deep Essay

  • Submitted by: taytaytatonetti
  • on March 4, 2011
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Is Beauty Only Skin Deep?

Unfortunately, we have all done it; made snap decisions about someone’s character based on their physical appearance.

It’s a very harsh reality but it happens daily. Whether it be at the workplace, at school, or even just passing someone on the street, appearance is a person’s way of advertising to the world what they are all about.  

Akin to the way a book’s cover is trying to entice you to read the story. Are you less likely to pick up the book if the cover doesn't catch your attention? Unfortunately, for most people, that answer is yes.

It is said that it only takes about 3 to 5 seconds to make a first impression. What things are people picking up on in this short amount of time that make people feel like they can put their brain on instant autopilot, and judge?

Numerous studies throughout recent years have shown that people respond better to people that they think are attractive. Participants in the studies showed a significantly more positive response to those with big eyes, a small nose and full lips. These features seem to give someone an air of innocence and vulnerability, thus making people feel safe around them.

Even if we try not to judge people by the way they look, we assume things about them. A prime example of someone being judged by their appearance rather than for themselves is Susan Boyle. As she stood on the stage to sing, the judge’s faces told it all. They saw a frumpy middle-aged woman. Her hair was not done in the latest style, she was somewhat overweight, and her average looks were not what stars usually look like. All it took was for her to sing the first note of her song to prove to the judges they were all wrong. The look of amazement on their faces has been shown over and over on television, capturing their disbelief that someone with Susan Boyles looks could possess such a voice. The sad thing is, we as a society, make these cruel assumptions of people daily, and it must stop.

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