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Is It Worth It? Essay

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Thomas Hodge
English 101 B2
Geoff Martin
Wed. Nov. 16
Is It Worth It?
Ladies and gentlemen we have a problem. By mid-century there will be an additional one to three billion more people to feed (Fedoroff ). The problem is that not only has feeding the six billion people that currently inhabit the planet put a strain on the food supply, but also the United Nations has said we might not be able to feed the additional three billion that is said to exist by mid-century. If you are like me, right now you are probably thinking we’re doomed. Luckily for us there are genetically modified crops. Nina Fedoroff, professor of biology at Pennsylvania State University and former science and technology adviser to the secretary of state, recently contributed an op-ed article to The New York Times regarding the subject of genetically modified crops. In “Engineering Food for All”, Fedoroff discusses the recent issues that have plagued this industry. Starting with the current administration of President Obama promising to “stimulate innovation”, Fedoroff claims the administration seems to be increasing regulation. Fedoroff also mentions the positive effects of genetically modified crops on the environment. Another issue tackled in the essay is the myths about the effects of genetically modified food on human beings which she says has not held up to scientific scrutiny. With all this being said, the benefits of genetically modified crops are very obvious. With the world in a predicament about its food supply, I find it difficult to understand why what seems like not just the only solution to the problem but also a very safe, healthy, economically rational, and innovative solution has come under such scrutiny and such heavy regulation. The time has come for genetically modified food to be seen for what it is: another example of the strength and ability of human beings to overcome nature in the name of survival.
The problem with the way in which genetically modified foods are...

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