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Islamic Belief Essay

  • Submitted by: upawahog1420
  • on February 24, 2009
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1) What is meant by the concept of Risalah?

The concept of Risalah is how Allah (God) communicates with humans.

2) What are 2 other key concpets in Islam and what do they mean?

Two other concepts of the religion are Tawhid and Akirah. Tawhid is the oneness of Allah and the absolute, the lone and the unity creations. Akirah is the belief in everlasting life after death.

3) Give 3 ways that Allah is believed to have communicated with humans.

One of the ways Allah communicates with humans is with the Muslim holy book. This is called the Qur'an. The Qur'an is the litral word of Allah and it was written down by Muhammad. Muhammad was a prophet. Prophets are another way Alah communictes with humans. Muhamda was the last prophet Allah sent. Then people called him the seal of the prophet because he was the last one. The last way Allah talks to humans is through Angels. His chief angel was Jibril (Gabriel) who told Muhammad to repeat the Qur'an.

4) Explain the different ways in which the belief in risalah might affect the life of a Muslim.

A way in which the belief might affect the life of a Muslim is that they might read the Qur'an more than usual. It shows that Muslims cant do wrong by gods words. They also follow Muhhameds example because he was the prophet who got the words right and didnt change them. Another way is that he is the closest   to a perfect being.

5) 'Prophets, such as the final prophet Muhammad, are the most important parts of risalah'

The statement 'prophets, such as the final prophet Muhammad, are the most important parts of risalah' is not as sraight forward statement to discuss because of many points.

A possible reason for agreeing with the statement is that muhhamed was human and it is easier to relate to him than Allah. He carried on through his persicution . Plus he was a respected man and got the message right.

Possible reasons for disagreeing with this statement are.... the qur'an is the word of god. This means...

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