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Issues Essay

  • Submitted by: guojia1990
  • on December 4, 2008
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Trashing money is not something we would expect anyone to do. Then why do schools in Texas and throughout the United States do this? Recycling is an abused and ignored subject in American society today which is burning up our money. Recycling needs to be an important part of a school as it helps preserve the environment and save money.
With the rising costs of various goods today, recycling is an easy solution to alleviate those costs. Plastic bottles such as water and energy drinks are quickly becoming a popular item in schools today. With society constantly speeding up and getting busier day by day, people simply don't have the time they used to, and resort to alternative methods to save time. Plastic bottles are the symbol of indolence. People today are simply too lazy or busy to go up and grab a quick sip at the water fountain and continue back doing what they were. According to “The Container Recycling Institute” which has a wealth of information on the recycling of plastic, glass, and aluminum containers; one high school on average trashes 3,200 water bottles a day. Aggregating all the high schools in the nation, that would easily shoot pass the million mile stone and billions within a year.
Trashing plastic bottles rather than recycling severely hurts the environment. Environmental Protection Agency records that millions of sea creatures die annually because of wasted plastic bottles which are thrown into the oceans and landfills instead of being reused. A simple yet effective solution could be created if schools started recycling, and started to get people into a good habit in doing so early. Investing a small amount of money in recycle bins in classrooms all throughout United States schools would be a smart investment, as its benefits are vast. True that some schools might have a small recycle bin placed in the corner of the room, far from sight, but how much could that small recycling bin really hold? Not even enough to go through a day without being...

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