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IT Careers Essay

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Today with the country going into a recession there is still a high demand for job/careers in the IT industry. The demand for people who are computer literate has become necessary since the economy has been dependent on technology since it was developed in the early 1990’s. From cellular communication devices to doing a homework assignment, computer technology has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world.
The term information technology didn’t evolve until the 1970’s. Its basic concept can be traced to the WWII alliance of the military and industry in electronics, computers, and information theory. It wasn’t until after the 1940’s, did the military remain a major source of research and development funding for the expansion of automation to replace manpower with machine.
Since the 1950’s four generations of computers have evolved. Each generation reflected a change top hardware of decreased size but increased capabilities to control computer operations. The first generation used vacuum tubes, the second generation used transistors, the third used circuits, and the fourth used integrated circuits on a single computer chip. The fifth stage is what we are going into now as advances in artificial intelligence minimizes the need for complex computer programming.
Computers today are divided into four categories by size, cost, and processing ability. Those categories are mainframe, microcomputer (also known as PC), minicomputer, and supercomputer. Personal computer categories include the desktop, laptops, handheld and network. The first commercial computer was developed by a man of the name of John Eckert and John W. Mauchly in the year1951, called the UNIVAC I. The UNIVAC I was used by the Census Bureau to predict the outcome of the 1952 presidential election. After that mainframe computers we used in large corporations to do calculations and manipulate large amounts of information stored in databases. Super computers were used in science and...

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