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italian Cinema Essay

  • Submitted by: jay12174
  • on December 7, 2008
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The transition between Neorealism and Auteurism is a very subtle and smooth process. Many movies in Italian culture were made in a neorealist fashion from the 1940’s to the mid 1950’s. Neorealism is also known as a “window to the world.” This type of filming was very raw. It is known for depicting stories set amongst the poor and working class Italians. The films were always filmed on location and never involved sets. They frequently used non-professional actors, even for the main roles. Neorealist films usually tell about the difficult economic and moral conditions of post WWII Italy. It reflects the changes in the mindset and conditions of everyday life. These usually include; defeat, poverty, and desperation. In Vittorio De Sica’s Bicycle Thief, we see a wonderful example of Neorealism. Bicycle Thief is all about the struggle of a unemployed family man named Antonio and his son Bruno. Antonio gets a job offer but must have a bicycle to work. After he gets his bicycle out of the pawn shop he goes to his first day of work. A bicycle thief steals Antonio’s bicycle and the rest of the movie is Antonio and Bruno trying to get the bike back. The bike symbolizes Antonio’s lively hood. When this is stolen, it is like Antonio’s life and way of income are all stolen as well. The thief himself is not one man, but the whole community. This symbolizes that not only the Italian government is no help, but the working class poor are part of the problem, stealing from each other.

Auteurism is a style of filming known for having famous actors doing main roles and stylist filming with editing and lighting changes. Auteurism is not focused on the environment around the character, but the character himself. It showed the way they thought and who they really were. A perfect example of this is Pietro Germi’s Divorce Italian Style. The main character “Fefe” has a voice over used very often. It is also shot in a “point-of-view” narration, which is...

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