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Its Computer Programming Essay

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Joehauna Hardrick
5 Dec 11
Chapter 10
Chapter 10 multiple choice
  2. In the SDLC, which is the phase in which the program specification is developed?
      a. Problem and opportunity identification
      b. Analysis
      c. Design
      d. Development and documentation

  3. The step of the SDLC in which the “make or buy” decision is made is the
      e. Problem and opportunity phase.
      f. Analysis phase
      g. Design phase
      h. Development and document phase
  4. The steps that describe exactly what the computer program must do to complete the work is
      i. A debugger
      j. A problem statement.
      k. An algorithm
      l. The SDLC
  5. What do companies proved to repair code errors for a program that has been released to the public?
      m. Beta version
      n. Service packs
      o. Documentation updates
      p. Maintenance programs
  6. Which language is best for executing numerically intensive calculations?
      q. C/C++
      r. Objective C
      s. Java
      t. ASP
  7. A yes/no decision point in an algorithm is called
      u. A loop
      v. A binary decision
      w. A test condition
      x. A control structure
  8. In object-oriented analysis, classes are defined by their
      y. Objects and data
      z. Data and methods
      {. Operators and objectives
      |. Behaviors and keywords
  9. Which is NOT and advantage of Java?
      }. Java is architecture neutral
      ~. Java needs to compile only once prior to distribution
      . Java supports network communications
      . Java performs faster than C++
  10. Which is true about XML?
      . XML supports the development of rich multimedia
      . XML makes it possible to update web pages without refreshing
      . XML enables designers to define their own data-based tags
      . XML has classes that represent drop-down lists and other web elements
  11. Which helps programmers...

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