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Jacob Have I Loved
By: Katherine Paterson
Realistic fiction

This story takes place in a small island of Rass in the time of the Pearl Harbor War when two twins were born named Caroline and Sara Louise. Since Caroline was born she was the favorite and they paid more attention to her because she had troubles. Louise was really healthy and they didn’t pay attention to her. When they started growing older, everything got more difficult because Caroline was beautiful and popular and Louise wasn’t. She was friends with a fat guy name Cal. They become friends and made a little boat for catching crabs and then they sold them for some money. Caroline was doing fine. She has a beautiful voice so for Christmas Mr. Rise said that Caroline should go to the main island because she is a good singer. So Caroline fulfilled her dreams and Louise was saving money to pay for things for her to make her feel beautiful.
One night Caroline used them and she got mad because that was her things. The years passed and these men came to the island. Louise and Cal first thought the he was a spy from China but he turned out to be an old islander and became a good friend and they named captain. Then the hurricane came and then everything drifted because Louise house was the only house the daren’t damage Beth auntie Braxton gash sick and Louise and call when and clean the aunt Braxton house and Caroline went with then and Louise that the that was wear and Caroline said the she though that the captain should mare auntie Braxton because the captain lost his house. In addition, the captain marries auntie Braxton. Then auntie Brockton die and the captain goat old her money loose grandma say the he kill her with rat poison and Caroline for one tine she said really red grandma that’s emote ok. Over the time call when to the army and Caroline became better in her sing and acting she goat and Sara Louise goat older and still the same she still tock to Call from leathers and he said...

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