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Jakes story Essay

  • Submitted by: Natimil14
  • on December 4, 2008
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my name is jake. Let me tell you my story.

It all started from babyhood, I already was considered a freak. My own mother thought I was strange. she told me that I was a strange child because I never cried and while in her stomach I never had a heartbeat. I was born blue and I was always cold. I was almost albino and I got sunburned quickly so I spent most of my time inside the house. I never ate my veggies and I am lactose intolerant. Well enough about my background time for my story…

“JAKE WAKE UP!” I hear my mother scream at me from the kitchen, it is only 7 am and I look outside and I see that the sun is barly up “IM COMEING”. I hastly get up out from my bed and I walk slowly to put on my pants. Im to tierd to put on a new shirt. I look at the shirt and I smell it. It smells like sweat. But not the kind of sweat that stinks but the sweat is   kind of sweet. Like flowers. I put on some deoderent and my sneakers and I am out my door. As I walk into the kitchen I see my dog monster. He wags his tail and he watches me sit down and jumps on my lap. “what took you so long kiddo? Says my mother. “I was getting dressed mom”. “well I have a little surprise for you. I know you are only fifteen but I think you are old enough to be able to be alone for about a week.” my mother just divorced my dad, so I think that she is going to the tropics to flirt with the skimpy old basterds andf maybe gedt laid a few times like some slut. “Ok mama have fun” the whole time while she is talking I am only staring at my ground beef mom fried up.
I don’t really want to look at her. I will never get to forgive her for divorcing dad. It feels like they didn’t just sperate themselves but me too. I look up and she is writing something on a piece of paper mumbling to herself about something and I stare at her for a few minutes. I ask her “why didn’t you tell me earlier?” and she simply reply’s “oh! Well umm I wasn’t really wanting to leave you alone baby, I just needed some time off...

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