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Japan Essay

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Japan, also called Nihon or Nippon, is located east of China in the Pacific Ocean.   Though it is comprised of over 3,000 islands, it is able to maintain an almost uniform culture and tradition.   Japan’s means “sun-origin”, which would explain why Japan is sometimes called “Land of the Rising Sun.”   The largest islands of Japan are: Honshū, Hokkaidō, Kyūshū and Shikoku, together accounting for 97% of land area.   Unfortunately, most of the islands in Japan are mountainous, with Mt. Fuji being the highest in it.   Mt. Fuji is actually an inactive volcano at the moment; the top is layered with snow and ice.  
Japanese customs are important to the Japanese, but some are only regional or not heavily practiced anymore.   Japanese normally bow as a greeting instead of the western handshake, but is actually more complicated.   The degree and length of the bow determines the reverence and emotion the person is showing.   Employees are taught to bow correctly, even if they understand the basics.   Bows are performed with a straight back and lowering about fifteen degrees or more.   Though it can easily be done, performing the right kind of bow at the right moment takes practice to figure it out.
Not only is bowing important, so is their style of bathing.   There are two parts to bath, cleaning and relaxing.   First part is to clean your body while sitting on a small plastic stool, scrubbing off any dirt and rinsing the hair completely.   A Japanese tub is usually deep enough to reach the shoulder, but the person would need to tuck their legs closer to them.   Japanese’s opinion on bathing is relaxation.   Older homes don’t have western bath tubs yet, so there are public bath houses, onsens, to accommodate for the lack of a tub.   Many Japanese view bathing as the most important time or the day, relaxing one’s body after a day of work and stress.
There way of eating is odd to most westerners, but similar to the Chinese.   Instead of forks, chopsticks are used to...

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