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Japan Top Ten Essay

  • Submitted by: doncusack
  • on December 4, 2011
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In reading through the ten areas, it basically reverts back to the end of WWII. After the total destruction of Japan we occupied this country. “General Douglas MacArthur, U.S. Army commander-in-chief in the Pacific theater, became the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers in Japan. He held absolute power in that country and was accountable only to the U.S. president. The territory he governed remained intact” (Brower, 2006). Having General MacArthur in charge of such a mass of task proved to be one of the greatest selections. After WWII, the destruction was so severe that Japan had no ability to do anything. The programs to rebuild the country worked very well as we can see today. Japan was made to have no diplomatic contact with China for over twenty years. The association with Asia initially seemed difficult due to what Japan had done to all the countries it invaded.
Japan is compared to the size California. Keep in mind that there are a lot of mountains taking away land that could be used for living and farming. Japan is covered by a lot of water ways in which helps protect it in general from invaders. We know that the United States, China and Russia are very big in size, but for some don’t have the same work ethic ass the Japanese worker.
Keep in mind that country size does not itself determine world power, and "small countries" such as England and the Netherlands once wielded enormous economic and military might. Today, as the second largest national economy after the United States, Japan is a "big country" in terms of economic power (Brower, 2006).
We gave all the resources to build to what Japan is today. Automotive, electronics are the primary outputs. When rebuilding Japan we gave them totally free import taxes. One of the major players was the Honda. He started with building motorcycles and they moved onto cars.
Japan relies on heavy imports to produce the majority of all exports. We export mass amount of steel into Japan. How can the US export...

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