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Japanese Internment was wrong Essay

  • Submitted by: donalthon
  • on December 14, 2008
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      The day after the U.S. declared war with Japan, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 which authorized the incarceration and relocation of nearly 120,000 Japanese-Americans or anybody of Japanese heritage (americanhistory.about.com).   Even though it was said that F.D.R. was right in his actions due to the war with Japan, the U.S. was wrong in relocating the Japanese.   During this relocation process, these Japanese-Americans had to give up a lot while being relocated.   Also, they were forced to relocate in internment camps, and the government’s reasoning for the relocation was flawed.
        There were many things given up by the Japanese-Americans due to their round-up.   They were only able to take with them what they could carry, which mainly consisted of clothing and toiletries.   Because several people were given only 48 hours to be carrying only the necessities, countless things had to be left behind.   These items included things such as simple household appliances, furniture, and agricultural machinery.   Of the 120,000 Japanese-Americans who were relocated, it was estimated that they left behind approximately $200,000,000 worth of possessions, and some people even simply disposed of many of their items (lib.washington.edu).
        There were also a good number of well-accomplished American citizens of Japanese
heritage who were taken from their homes, businesses, pets, possessions, and friends.  
Furthermore, one of the flakier of the things left behind was that some children were even taken from their great lives with their Caucasian foster parents.   There was obviously several things given up by Japanese-Americans during the relocation, but the biggest and most important one of all was their freedom.
        After these people were taken from their possessions, they were relocated in internment camps.   There were many dangers in these camps, and their lives in them were far from luxurious.   Each camp had barracks which...

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