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Jeses Essay

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Chad Curtis
Dr.   Tim Decker
English 101 47 English comp 1
August 24, 2011
Making Choices
Have you ever had to step up and take control of a situation for the safety of yourself and others? I was fourteen years old when I had to make a choice to take control of a dangerous situation. I was in Hawaii at the time on a family vacation.   I had to drag my intoxicated cousin twenty minutes back to our hotel without any help, and without any contact with others. My time in Hawaii was very nerve racking: how we got to Hawaii was a miracle, my busy school schedule left me nervous about leaving, the morning of the commute and the plane ride, landing on the island was an adventure, the activities we did were spectacular, spending time with my cousin was interesting, the huge disaster I got into with my cousin was unpleasant, and my reflections toward this event stayed with me through time.
Having the opportunity to go to Hawaii was a once in a lifetime event my family could do.   It was the spring of 2007, and my grandparents had a time share to take a trip to Hawaii for a week on the main island of Maui; they were allowed to bring nine more people along. My Grandparents had chosen my family, my aunt Michelle, and my Uncle Keith’s family to come with. My family consisted of my Dad, Mom, Sister Caitlin, and me; my uncle’s family consisted of his son Tyler, daughter Courtney, and his girlfriend Jill. Tyler and I grew up together because he is about two years older than me, and since our family was always together we became very close. Tyler although had been taking the wrong path in life by abusing drugs and alcohol at a young age. Even so I was so excited and anxious about this trip because first it’s Hawaii, and second I got to skip school! it came at a bad timing because my math grade wasn’t so hot, and I was going to miss major days of work time for final projects. I was a little nervous though to fly for around eight hours including a stop at San Francisco. I get...

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