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Jewish Japanese Italian Irish Immigrants Essay

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The Treatment of Immigrants in the American Experience
How were the Jewish, Japanese, Irish, and Italian immigrants treated in America throughout their experience and how did the immigrants influence America to what it is today?
Immigrants came from all over the world to this new land of America.   America was seen as a refuge to many people from around the world, and all came for different reasons.   Some came for new land, some to start a new life, some for a chance at becoming rich and famous, and others because of religious persecution.   The people coming to America were at first happy to get away from their native land because of the problems there, but the Americans themselves were not always happy about the vast amount of new people coming into their own homeland.   The immigrants brought and kept their own cultures with them to America, and were for the most part segregated among their own “kind.” As a whole, immigrants were belittled and for the most part disliked in America, but the culture and the people who came to America is currently a part of the American society.
The Jewish immigrants were “The most relentlessly and universally persecuted ethnic group.”[1] The majority of Jews came to America to escape violence and discrimination back home. For the Jews, America served as a great refuge, seemingly free of Anti Semitic ways, but America was not fully accepting of the Jews, though it was less hostile then their previous homes.   The first of the Jewish immigrants came from Dutch Brazil and settled in New York area. The Spanish Inquisition expulsed the Jews from Spain and Portugal in the mid 1600’s, so the Jewish people came into English and Dutch colonies, but were not even welcomed here.   They were called blasphemers and the Jewish religion was insulted because Americans were scared of the Jews as business competition. The Jewish people were persecuted in Germany under strict laws, which caused the wave of German Jews to immigrate.   Also persecuted...

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