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Cybernation |
Nanotechnology will change society. |


Nanotechnology in medicine will help us in creating a new world in the future. Kayla Parson says that nanotechnology would want to make an impact on our world and what better way to research such a goal saving millions of lives or more. If nanobots could be used to attack cancer cells and the AIDS virus, it could probably also be used to cure Alzheimer’s, repair the body, and so much more. Nanobots are already being used to reconnect synapses in the brain. That is the greatest impact it could make upon our society. He says to give the cure to the places and people who could never afford the treatment without help from organizations across the globe. These organizations cannot help if the treatment isn’t affordable for the average man.

Assessment of Information:

Nanotechnology is the future of the world. Nanotechnology helps in curie the untreatable disease like cancer, AIDS and other un curie disease. Treatment through this process is cheaper and easy and everyone in the society or average man can afford the price of nanotechnology treatment. Nanotechnology helps us in making the world a better place for everyone who lives in this society. In other words we can say that nanotechnology can create a new world in the medicine. In other words he says that so many things could be useful in this world, but if we are trying to discover so that it would have to impact the entire world.

  2. Nanotechnology Dangers and Defences: by Ray Kurzwell

Short Summary:
In this Article Living creature- including humans- would be the primary victims of an exponentially spreading nanobot attack because nanobot construction uses carbon as a primary building block because carbon has four way bonds. Biology has made the same use of carbon; pathological nanobots would find the Earth’s biomass an ideal source of this primary...

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