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Job Analysis

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Job Analysis:
A job analysis is used to define and identify those tasks, duties and responsibilities that are required in order to perform the job in well mannered way. Good result of job analysis may be achieved and accomplished by collecting information about the position like what kind of jobs are available for what kind of positions; by interviewing workers, supervisors, and other company employers; and by observing current employees like who are suitable for those required positions.
Explanation of Job Analysis:
It is actually a process that helps an organization to recruit better and suitable employees for the jobs, means right people for the right jobs and also helps in analyzing, accessing skills to perform the job in better way.
An ideal job analysis should include the following:
Duties and Tasks: The most important and initial level or basic unit of a job is the completion and good performance of specific tasks and duties. This section normally includes time limit, effort, person’s skill, equipment and standards required for performing the tasks.
Working Environment or Atmosphere: For performing any kind of job working environment counts a lot, because physical requirements and skills that are needed to perform the job in better and efficient way are mainly effected by working environment.
Tools and Equipment: For the sake of performing job’s tasks and duties in quick and accurate way by using new technology person needs some specific equipment and if the tools and equipments would be defined in job analysis description then it becomes easier to select the equipments and it saves time as well.
Relationships: During performing tasks and duties hierarchy of the organization must be clearly defined. As everyone should know who is working under him means who is my subordinate and who is my superior and whom I have to report and to who I am accountable. If this hierarchy will be clearly defined then there will be no query during performing tasks and...

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