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Job Analysis Report

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Job Analysis Report
Jason Bromberg
University of Phoenix

Now that our merger with Envirotech is complete, and our new company initiatives are in place, the need for restructuring our sales department has become a necessity.   I have put together a job analysis report, a workforce planning system outline, and detailed analysis on my selection results.
Job Analysis Report
To properly understand the scope of the sales positions that we are hiring for here at Interclean we need to use some analysis methods to properly define the job functions.   To accomplish this we decided to use observation, interview, and detailed questionnaire methods to reach our conclusions.
Observation: Before our merger with Envirotech was officially announced we deployed an individual to Envirotech as well as here at Interclean to observe the day to day operations of the various sales team members.   We wanted to get an idea as to how each of them conducts business, what their knowledge specialties are, and to get an overall understanding of their job functions.
Interview: We gathered some sales associates from Envirotech and Interclean to ask them some questions about their daily activities.   We wanted to know what they thought were some of the most important skills a sales associate needed to have in this industry.   We also wanted to know what some of their responsibilities were and what common customer problems need to be addressed.
Detailed Questionnaire: A questionnaire was given to the both the Envirotech and Interclean sales teams.   This questionnaire was issued to help us gauge the skills, knowledge, abilities, and other characteristics that make up a great sales associate.
After gathering all of our data from our analyses we have come up with some of following responsibilities for our sales team:
• Prepare proposals for customer problems
• Retention of Envirotech customers
• Conversion of new sales leads, or acquisitions

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