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John Proctor Essay

  • Submitted by: dhoope78779
  • on December 8, 2008
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John Proctor was a respected man with a good background in the town of Salem, Massachusetts. Proctor was liked by the respected people of the town such as Giles Corey and Rebecca Nurse. The people of the town always wanted Proctor on their side in disputes. Proctor had also done many good deeds in the town, such as helping to build the meeting house, and hanging the roof and door on the church. Proctor may have appeared to be a decent man, but he was actually a servant of the Devil. Proctor demonstrated his allegiance with the Devil by not getting his youngest son baptized. Proctor also had a tendency to be not present every Sunday for worship. People instead found Proctor plowing his fields on Sundays, a truly unholy act. Any good, holy Christian should attend church every Sunday, but as Reverend Hale said, Proctor has only attended church “twenty-six time in seventeen month.”   Even though he could not find enough time to go to church, he still worked and plowed his field on the Sabbath day, a day that is supposed to be holy and work free. Also, Proctor did not know all of the Ten Commandments. One night, Reverend Hale came to Proctor’s house to question Proctor about his faith. They began to talk, and Hale eventually asked Proctor to name all of the commandments. Proctor was only able to name nine of the ten. Any good Puritan who followed his religion at that time should have been able to name the Ten Commandments. Another example of Proctor having shown his allegiance with the Devil is when he continuously undermined and told bad things about Reverend Parris. He was always saying how the respected and renowned reverend of the town was a corrupt minister. Proctor also explained how he did not like the minister. When Hale was questioning Proctor about his faith, Proctor said that he does not like how Parris runs the services and would never have his children baptized by him. Parris was a well-respected man in the church and most of the town seemed to think he was...

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