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John Wilkes Booth Essay

  • Submitted by: mccoy59
  • on December 5, 2011
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The Unwilling Conspiracy of John Wilkes Booth: The Perfect Patsy Patriot

By Mark McCoy

I don’t think anyone will dispute the historical record that John Wilkes Booth shot and killed Abraham Lincoln in the Ford Theater on April 14, 1865. The disputable subject of many writers has always been, who was he, why did he do it and did he act alone? Was John Wilkes Booth a delusional madman that killed the greatest American President? Or, was he a patsy and part of a cleverly woven story, conceived to cover up a conspiracy that stretches across the oceans, involving millions of dollars and hundreds of people? We do know from the personal accounts and documents that were hidden and not intentionally destroyed that writers and historians have been huddling over this paradox the past 146 years in an effort to expose the truth.  

Early in the month of April 1865, the South endures three pivotal events signaling the final collapse of Southern fortunes; the capture of Richmond by Grant’s armies,   Abraham Lincoln’s visit to the conquered city and Robert E. Lee’s surrender on April 9, 1865 (Taper) The news of the Northern victories devastated John Wilkes Booth, ending his plot of the previous nine months to kidnap President Abraham Lincoln. His hope was to obtain the release of all Confederate prisoners of War held in the Northern prisons in exchange for President Lincoln. Humiliated and furious at the recent turn of events and not willing to give up, he feels his beloved South might still have a chance. But a bold and courageous move must be made in order to save America from the destructive evil despot.   “But our cause being almost lost something decisive and great must be done” (Booth)
Desperate, frustrated and running out of money and time, John Wilkes Booth makes a decisive move to change history with a single violent act. He must assassinate President Abraham Lincoln to save the glorious South. But for Booth to accomplish what he sees as a courageous, heroic...

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