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Join Me Essay

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Scott Dorion

          Lady Macbeths character slowly but continuously changes
throughout the play. What begins as a struggle of power to get to
where she wants her husband to be. Turns into a terrible idea and
got her were no one ever wants to crazy and a guilt ridden
weakling. This results in mentally and physically collapsing.
In Shakespeare’s play Macbeth Lady Macbeth is
destroyed by her guilt.

            In the beginning , Lady Macbeth wants Macbeth to be king
as quick as possible reacting to soon to the excitement. Murdering
Duncan to get the throne but now in a bad situation. As she says
“These deeds must not be thought After these ways; so, it will
make us mad”  (Act 2 Scene 2 line ). Lady Macbeth cannot think
about how she has smeared Duncan’s blood on the guards, neither
should Macbeth reflect back on his evil deed as well.  Both of them
need to focus on the present situation and the proposed plot they
have set out to accomplish.  She has to continue to finish the plan
which they have discussed in length and not sway from their
original thoughts which they have both agreed on.  She has to
finish the arrangement and cover their evidence in order to avoid
execution.  Even though she is knowledgeable and agreed to the
initial plan of action she questions herself and is torn with self
doubt and self guilt.  She is concerned of how the murders will
mentally and emotionally affect them both in the future.  She can
help but think of what might become of each of them.  Lady
Macbeth refuses to think about the murder that she and her
husband has just committed; she knows that she must minimize the
sererity of the crime in order to stay sane. We can see the fear
coming from Lady Macbeth when she says : “Tis safer to be that
which we destroy, Then destruction dwell doubtful joy”  (Act 3 Scene 2 Line 8)Lady Macbeth expresses that nothing is gained, all

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