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Jolly Jumps Llc Essay

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Sean Sullivan
Sept. 01, 2011
Jolly Jumps LLC
The age of the trampoline had expired.   Children sought new ways to fly and expend the gratuitous amounts of sugar flowing through their veins.   They sought a better high, a more escalated way to play.   The parents of these fun seeking children sought something as well, a guaranteed safety for these caffeine addicted rug rats.   Society answered with a cage, a soft enclosed safe and bouncy cage, thereafter called the bounce house.   At first these new age creations could only be found in activity based corporations where the children were closed in like animals at a circus, left to bounce as they wished in the wild they called their bounce house.   But soon a woman named Cindy Wilson would provide their answer as she began to create what was to become the largest bounce house company in St. Louis today.   The development was not easy however, and starting a company with two young children in tow proved far more difficult than she had planned.  
Cindy and Jay Wilson started Jolly Jumps as a hobby, nothing more than a side job in which they sought to bring in a few extra dollars at the end of the week and maybe have a little fun doing it.   They were one of the few people who would rent something so new and extravagant to the never satisfied energies of youngsters in their area.   They purchased two bounce houses and began from scratch on developing a business, something neither knew much about.   They ran their new commerce right out of their own garage in the suburbs of Fenton and soon found it fruitful.   For advertisement they began by simply using word of mouth and the Yellow Pages, but soon made a transition in print media and moved on to streaming a short commercial on Cartoon Network.   The commercial was to run five times a day on Saturdays and Sundays. The bill at four hundred dollars at first seemed steep but when they found their ad to run in dead air up to twenty times a session, such a price seemed...

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