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Jon Q Essay

  • Submitted by: chuckmiller2000
  • on February 22, 2011
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  1. What was the ethical dilemma in the movie John Q?
In the movie John’s only son, is found to have a heart problem and it needs to be replaced.   Although the boy had regular checkups, no tests were ever done to determine the problem.   So now if he does not receive a heart transplant he will die.   John has to raise $30,000 to pay for copayment and tries to sell things to raise the money.   He realizes he cannot raise the money.   To make things worse, his supervisor reduced his hours, and the health insurance changed from a PPO to an HMO and now needs to raise $75,000.
The hospital would not do the surgery without payment and removed him for the list and released his son who was extremely sick due to his failing heart.   John’s son will surely die without the surgery.
The ethical dilemma in the movie was John having to decide to let his son die because he was not able to raise enough money in time for his son to get the needed heart transplant or do something extreme to make sure his son got the lifesaving surgery.  
So John decides to take the surgeon and other hospital staff hostage so that he can force them to do the surgery for his son.   John also decides that he will commit suicide in order to have a donor heart for his son, but at the end it was found that a woman in a car accident had the same blood type, so her heart could be used.
Other ethical dilemmas in the movie include John having to decide to release the young man who was abusing his girlfriend or somebody else more deserving.   Another was ensuring the pregnant woman was released to have her baby or keep her as a hostage.   Another ethical dilemma was with the doctor having to decide to break the rules or provide the necessary surgery for the child if John committed suicide.  

  2. How do you think it could be handled differently?
I think John could have tried to get help from other people maybe for the money.   John could have gone to the television news or newspapers, to get...

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