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The Journey Of Jane Eyre: Simple To Sophisticated Essay

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Below is an essay on "The Journey Of Jane Eyre: Simple To Sophisticated" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Jane's journey to adulthood went from being a plain, simple, loveless
girl to a beautiful, sophisticated, passionate woman. Her journey
through life included; an isolated childhood at the Reed's household to
a life altering experience at Thornfield, leading into a new life with
newly known relatives and experiences at the Moor House, finally
wrapping her life together at Ferndean. Throughout her advancement in
life, she went through dramatic events that altered her perspective in
every way. The most impacting conflicts were internal ones as Jane
struggled with her emotional side and her intellectual side.

One of the most important internal conflict involved Mr. Rochester, her
first love. Her life dramatically changed after her first conversation
with him. He toyed with her heart forcing her to believe that he did not
love her making her feel remorse and neglected. Little did she know, he
loved her back. Mr. Rochester proposed to Jane and the wedding date was
set. Before the marriage was official, Jane finds out that Rochester was
already married to an animal-like woman that lived in the attic of
Thorn field hall. She soon flees the heartbreaking events she went
through at Thornfield. After feeling loved for the first time she
transformed into a new, joyful woman. Rochester changed her life in many
ways; he made her view her life in a better perspective, a more
confident, a more passionate, and more hopeful life. After Rochester
revealed that he was already married, Jane's life went into turmoil. She
looked to God after she lost hope in humanity.

After Thorn field, Jane found herself homeless in the streets. The Moor
House took Jane in and Jane met a new family; Mary, St. John and Diana
whom turned out to be her cousins. The River's siblings gave Jane a
shelter and a job. They gave her life back to her. St. John excreted a
great influence on Jane which made Jane feel empty, cold and sad. St.
John dictated Jane and asks her to go to...

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