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Journey Of Life Essay

  • Submitted by: jruvall
  • on December 6, 2011
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The Journey of Life
As human beings, we go through many different attitudes through our life. Like Jack from the movie “Fisher King”, or Lieutenant Cross from the story “The Things They Carried”; we switch rapidly from one attitude to another while we live the journey to our desired attitude: “I-You” by Martin Buber. Not only do we fall in different attitudes in this journey but we also find our “shadow”, “persona” and symbolic “archetypes”. Sammy, from “A&P” and the movie “Fisher King” with its entire characters portrait those attitudes and transcendentalist ideas perfectly.
Martin Buber explains that the “Us-Them” attitude consists on the world being divided in two: “The children of the dark and the children of darkness, the sheep and the goats.” This means that whenever we fall in this attitude, we see ourselves as better and different from everybody else. We might even act in a racist manner while living on this attitude. Jack shows this type of seeing the world when he is discriminatory with the poor people, especially with that beggar who knocks in his Limousine’s window. He does not even look outside, because he feels he is so much better than the poor man, that he does not even deserve a look of his eyes. We can see this with his arrogant attitude. This is the beginning of the movie, and we can clearly observe how Jack’s perspective of the world is that of “Us-Them.” Like Jack, the soldiers   from the story “The Things They Carried”   are going through this attitude. The soldiers are in the war, so they separate themselves from the other countries. .As Martin Buber explains, for the Us-Them attitude people “The world is divided in two”.
Another of Buber’s attitudes expressed in the movie is the “I-It” attitude and we observe this at the beginning of the movie, when Jack is treating his radio listeners like an “It”. He is just saying whatever he wants to, not even paying attention to their problems or their feelings. He is just giving advices away...

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