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Jung Essay

  • Submitted by: dllallie
  • on December 5, 2011
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There has been a fairly consistent dismissal of Jung and his ideas within the Psychology community. He seems to be dismissed as being "out there", too esoteric , and way to into things that are not considered "real." His thoughts on alchemy, mythology and spirits have been mentioned as reasons why the scientific minded Evolutionary Psychologists choose to not take him seriously. However, Archetype Theory and Evolutionary Psychology agree that tabula rasa is a nonentity. This study aims to gather evidence to support that not only should Jung be taken seriously but in fact his thoughts on the evolution of consciousness and the unconscious, both personal and collective not only apply to Evolutionary Psychology but are an integral part of the evolution of the human race.
The archetypes shape all conscious and unconscious functions, but there are times when the archetypes are especially activated, “constellated” Jung suggests that “every psychic reaction that is out of proportion to its precipitating cause should be investigated as to whether it may be conditioned at the same time by an Archetype (Jung, 1964 [1931], par57).
We have all been on the giving or receiving end of an overreaction and know how much the measure of the reaction can be above and beyond the cause. We often may think there must have been something else going on to cause that. In these situations the mark of the constellated Archetype is seen in its numinosity, its ability to fascinate or compel.
In the era of pre-consciousness our ancestors dwelled in a quasi-conscious state. They would not have seen the external world as a place made up of objects and events that were separate from them.  Due to the lack of differentiation of the ego there could be no clear distinction between that which existed outside of them and that which was inside their minds. They would have no way of knowing real from imagined. They would have seen the thoughts and ideas in their head the same way they saw the things...

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