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Just a Little Note Essay

  • Submitted by: jduffy
  • on December 5, 2011
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Chris Duffy
English CP 11/ Rough draft

    Throughout time different philosophies and beliefs have existed, varied greatly, and have changed rapidly. Whatever these ideas may be   they seem to all be expressed by the literature of the location and era. American literature especially has endured many of these changes and with that produced some of the most influential and classic pieces of all time. This first era began with the early settlers known as the puritans who left England in search of religious freedom. The Puritans are known for their rigid views and   strict moral code. At the center of this religion was the belief in “pre destination”. Predestination is   the idea that your life and planned for you even before your birth, strongly expressing their belief in the power of god. Before long these harsh rules known for its “fire and brimstone” etymology led to the “romantic” era in American literature. In Romanticism the general philosophy seemed to revolve around intuitive thinking and promoted the use of the imagination. Something that would have been condemned by any god loving puritan.   This progress in American ideals gave birth to many great writers including the infamous Edgar Allen Poe. Writings from this era express much more imagination and intuitive free thinking than ever before. Then through the natural course of human history came the Transcendentalists who believed in personal freedom and that all people have the ability to form their own destiny without restriction. This era was very influential and produced writers such as Ralph Waldo Emerson. Between these Two idea stood Nathaniel Hawthorne, he could probably be labeled best as an “anti-transcendentalist”.   He believed in personal freedom but bearing this puritan upbringing also believed people should follow restrictions or otherwise become victims of their own device. In his pieces he used allegory to represent the effect of tampering with nature. He wrote two short stories which clearly...

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