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I Just Want to Go Essay

  • Submitted by: bsblkd42069
  • on December 15, 2008
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Driving has changed so much. When cars were first invented not everyone had one, but now everyone has one. Most people know what they are doing while they are driving but it is the ones that don't know that bother me. Whenever I am driving and someone is in front of me and they are going slow I get frustrated the most. It is usually the elderly people that do it. I think that once you turn a specific age you must be retested to make sure that the can drive. If they can't I will just cause others to become aggravated, it holds up people to get where they need to go, and it can cause road rage which will lead to accidents.
This idea about having to retake the driving test is a great idea but it might not work. The elderly people that drive slow and hold us up know what they are doing. They will take the test and pass. Its just that we are all impatient and cant sit behind them as they drive slowly. So another way would be to create a minimum speed limit or just say any one over eighty just cant drive, because they may know how to drive its just they don’t have the same hearing and vision as us.
The first thing is that it just aggravates the other drivers on the road and they get impatient. If they can't just go then they all get mad. It happens to me all the time, when I'm getting onto the highway and the person in front of me is going so slow I just get aggravated. It happened to me the other day. I was getting very impatient but I didn't do anything stupid and I just waited behind them till they turned off the road.
Another reason is that it holds people up from where they are trying to get to at a specific time. If you are stuck behind a person that is going slow then how are you supposed to get there on time. This also happens to me all the time. I remember one time I was rushing to get to work on time and I wanted to get on the highway. After leaving my driveway I was stuck behind a person going so slow that I did not make it on time. If you just like pull...

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