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Katrina's(evacuation) Chaos Essay

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Bradford Platt
English S102
Dr. Anderson
Sept. 28, 09
Katrina’s (Evacuation) Chaos
American citizens were caught in the major crisis known to the United States as a category 3 hurricane named Katrina. Many U.S. citizens: young, old, sick, healthy, black, white, and other nationalities in the path of danger were expendable in the sight of government. Most of these citizens were poor, the people who mainly live from paycheck to paycheck, The Mayor of this great city left without the assurance that his citizens were in safe havens.
On August 27, the Mayor of New Orleans gave the first voluntary evacuation order, because Hurricane Katrina would be a threat to the city and to the lives of its citizens. However, some believe that the plans for New Orleans’ evacuation had no checks and balances for those who had no way out. The people who were left in New Orleans, as well as the surrounding coast, crisis began at the first sight of the projected path of Hurricane Katrina by News Weather Watch Teams.
“Was Hurricane Katrina’s evacuation anything but a success? According to Paul Wizbang of CNN, “the evacuation concerning this catastrophe was a phenomenal success.” Could your hometown evacuate effectively the whole city within 48 hours notice? Were the TV images of the Dome horrific? Sure, they were; that is what TV does best. Was the evacuation perfect? Of course not, but, when was the last time anything was present perfect in life? Judging a one-off evacuation against perfection is folly. If it is viewed realistically, New Orleans did the baseball equivalent of pitching a one hitter. Cable News reporters will focus on one person who got on base, and forget the rest of the game. The evacuation saved thousands of lives period.” (Paul Wizgang CNN News, (http://wwwwizgangblog.com)
Hurricane Katrina’s evacuation was truly a success, after five days of waiting for someone to respond to what the American nation to be a...

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