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Kevin Mitnick Essay

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  • on March 3, 2011
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Kevin Mitnick: The Most Notorious Hacker
Kevin Mitnick (born August 6, 1963) is one of the most famous hackers to be jailed and convicted. He was a computer hacker, phone pheaking and most of all he knew the mastery of “social engineering.” He was a wanted man by both the FBI and the U. S. federal marshals.
As a young boy, Kevin worked as a delivery boy and a kitchen helper at a local Jewish deli and also helped out at the local Jewish synagogue. When he was ten or eleven he’d push carts at the local Safeway for Blue Chip stamps. But his greatest love was computers.
Kevin Mitnick had very few childhood friends. He was known as a loner, dropped out of high school and kicked out of college.   Kevin had one hacker friend, Lewis Payne. Lewis Payne, an older friend and computer hacker, had met Kevin in the days of the Pacific Telephone Company phone pheaking escapade.   It was Lewis Payne who taught Kevin and got him into the phone scene. Payne, along with Mitnick, was caught and busted for the scheme in 1981. They both were convicted of destroying data over a computer network and with stealing operator's manuals from the Pacific Telephone Company. But Payne escaped the limelight and even had his record legally purged (Littman, 1996).
In 1983, Kevin was convicted of breaking into a Pentagon computer over the ARPANET from a USC campus terminal room. ARPANET was the network that became the basis for the internet (Mitnick, 2003).   He was sentenced to six months at the California Youth Authority's Karl Holton Training School, a juvenile prison in Stockton, California.   By 1984, Mitnick had a job at MIT and a black Nissan with the license plate that read “X-HACKER” (Littman1996).   Yet, he was still very much in the computer break-in business.   This office job was a great place for him to use his computer hackings skills. He was checking to see if he was wanted, and when he got the bad news, he went underground and disappeared for a year. He was being accused of...

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