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Kids Ads Essay

  • Submitted by: ziulsoer
  • on November 29, 2009
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Children see about 40,000 TV ads a year. There are about 12,000 ads aimed to them. On a typical day an American kid sees about 20 ads at least one time, if the repeat doesn’t count. There are discriminations in those ads, such as racialism and sexism. White people think they are the number one race in the United States. They look down the other races, this is racialism. Sexism is not only the Americans has, but also the whole world has sexism. Because from ancient to today, the society has been told us that male should have more power than female; male play more important roles in our society. That’s why racialism and sexism exist in our society, and that shows up in the ads.
In the article (Females and Minorities in TV Ads in 1987 Saturday Children’s Programs), Riffe wrote “By presenting a world with only 39% females, children’s television commercials seriously distort the real world population, where a majority 51% is female.” I don’t agree with that. What I see is most of the kids ads’ characters are male not like Riffe wrote “51% is female.”   In the 80’s, every kids ad has racialism and sexism. Most of the kids ads’ characters are white people, sometimes all of the characters are white people. In those amount of white people, most of them are male. Black people can barely get in the ads. Not to mention black female and other color people. There were no black female and other color people in any kind of kids ads back in 80’s. Even the black male get in the ads, they won’t performe the leading roles; they can only performe the supporting roles; sometimes just nobody. Sometimes the number of unhuman characters is more than the number of black characters. If the numbers are same, the unhuman characters will appear more time than the black characters.
This is the Toys R Us ad from 80’s. First scene, a white boy who looks bored, sets in front of the table reading a book; A white adult stands at his back doing the paint job. Seconed scene, the white kid was called...

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