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to kill or not to kill Essay

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To Kill or Not To Kill

Filled with rage and hatred the mighty Achilles departed the shores early in the morning; making his way through the wilderness of Troy, he slowly approached the Dardan Gates. His journey, hardened by the scorching sun, proved to be one of great contemplation. His every step in the hot, dry dust was accompanied with deep thoughts of whether his voyage to the walls of Troy to slaughter Hector was essential or not.

            His mind was a battle ground between the many decisions that faced him; part of him, blood thirsty and angry, screamed to continue his journey and revenge his dearest friend Patroclus by killing Hector. His thoughts ran wild imagining the outcome, he - the great Achilles - would be remembered for centuries to come. His epic battle with Hector would be passed on through the many generation; soldiers would imitate his fighting style admiring his strength, power and his gruesome ability to kill. Most importantly, long after the dust from his bones has been swept away his name would remain, solid like the foundations found within the Dardan Gates of Troy, ACHILLES the mightiest warrior of all time.

            However, there was another part of him that constantly attacked his dreams of greatness. As he made his way through the dusty desert, the many Greek and Trojan bodies that lay there half eaten by crows stimulated some thoughts that Achilles never experienced before. Achilles, hurt and troubled by the death of Patroclus, wondered if infecting Hector's family and Troy with the emotional distress that he has experienced is going to bring back his dear Patroclus. He wondered how many families has he already shattered? In how many countries and cities does the name Achilles bring tears to the eyes of young girls and rage to the hearts of young boys who have lost their fathers and brothers in battle just as he has lost Patroclus? How many wives lost their husbands at the tip of his sword?...

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