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Killer Selling Techniques Essay

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Killer Selling Techniques

If you are trying to improve your sales, don’t rely on self-improvement books. To master sales you need to have first-hand knowledge, confidence and understand your target market.

Understanding your market includes the industry, the companies and the people you are selling to. This depends on research and competitive analysis to know what motivates your customer’s to buy your products/services over the competition. Selling requires a careful balance of patience and perseverance to be successful.

Remember time is money, so focus on the customers who will provide the greatest reward versus effort. You should practice your sales message over and over until you can present it confidently. Your delivery method will depend on how you will be reaching your customers either by mail, email, or by phone. You should have a different message for each medium.

Locating your potential customers is called prospecting. Here you will research who uses your product or service using trade magazines, sales lead companies, or word of mouth inquiries. Warm referrals are always better than cold leads. If you receive a warm referral, make sure you reward the person for their efforts. Once you have developed sales with a customer. Look to see what other services or products you can sell them, since it is much easier to sell to existing customers than find new customers.

Customer Satisfaction is becoming more important. Many companies are looking at ways to build customer loyalty as opposed to growing their sales. This requires sales people to change their tactics and focus more on the after-sales support. Make sure you train your support staff to encourage greater customer loyalty.

Following these techniques will help to grow your sales and build your confidence.

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