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King Leary Essay

  • Submitted by: jp05099
  • on December 6, 2011
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The students in our class have read and discussed the book King Leary by Paul Quarrington. It is a story about the hockey career of Percival Leary, who undergoes many obstacles throughout his long life. We have learned how famous writers like Chaucer and Rabelais define the values of the ‘natural man’ and how Quarrington’s novel fits in well with the comic style that these writers adopt. This novel presents the way King Leary, the main character, goes through a transition from the restricted, stiff man who lacks spontaneity to evolving into a ‘natural character’ with the help of the interactions with his surroundings. This essay will cover certain points like what a natural man is, what are his values and how Leary becomes this type of man.

      First of all, a ‘natural’ person is most importantly someone who does not pretend to be   something he is not meaning that this person is definitely not considered to be ‘fake’.   He is a genuine character, honest and projecting his true personality. Not being able to live life with joy or pleasure, refusing to drink at all, criticising or judging, having new experiences despite the outcome are all examples of a constrained man. An interesting point is that you are not necessarily born being this kind of person. There is always room for change and it will never be too late to accept that change. However, it cannot come to a character as an epiphany. It is all about going through life’s experiences with friends, family and even people that bother and irritate you.   It could come in punishment form, as we have seen in many cases in our class, in plays and stories like The Miller’s Tale and Twelfth Night by Shakespeare. Characters like Malvolio, Nicholas, John the Carpenter have all been through this because there’s a certain need of cleaning up from their wrongdoings. Writers adopt the punishment method in their literary works to give a nice comic edge as characters get ‘taught a lesson’ for being too dull, gullible,...

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