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King Of Torts Essay

  • Submitted by: lilmisperfect4ev
  • on February 23, 2011
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Provide a summary of the plot.
Plot: The King of torts is about a lawyer named Clay Carter. He started off in the book working as a poorly paid lawyer who worked for the Office o the Public Defender. He always dreamed to be in a big law firm like his dad because he wasn't liking the job of a public defender. Clay took on a case of Tequila Watson, who was a man accused of a random street killing. Clay assumes that its just another murder act, but he finds out that it wasn't. Clay learns that a pharmaceutical company that was being negligent and he found this out from a man named Max Pace. The pharmaceutical company was illegally using recovering drug addicts for medical trial without them knowing or having their consent. The drug that these addicts were taking was Tarvan. It worked for a good proportion of their patients, but in some cases, it lead some of them to random violent killings.   Max Pace is sent by his client to get Clay to help in paying off the victims of the violent shootings with large settlements. They don't want the word to get out that they produced a bad drug and illegally distributed it so that’s why they are paying off the victims. By Clay taking the deal, he makes a huge profit from the money the Pharmaceutical company gave him for handling the case. He then leaves the OPD and opens his own law firm. After Clay does this he continues working with Max Pace and gets more insider information on the dangers of two other drugs, which are Dyloft and Maxatil. Clay uses the information that Max has provided him to launch a good career in tort law. Clay eventually becomes one of the biggest tort lawyers, but being the biggest tort lawyer does have its consequences and he finds that out. Clay becomes under investigations by the FBI for various misdemeanors and inside trading. Clay is also sued by some of the clients from Dyloft Case. Due to clay's actions he is beaten up by some angry men in Reedsburgh, where the Hanna company is located, and sent to...

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